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Is standard metadata useful to support hydro-meteorological model coupling?


 SeaZone are at  the forefront of research in hydro-meteorological model coupling, for example, the use of standard metadata to support models and interfaces within an hydro-meteorological model chain. Our own Quillon Harpham, together with co-author Emanuele Danovaro have written a paper published within the Journal of Hydroinformatics on this subject. The paper outlines a move towards an un-encoded metadata standard supporting the description of environmental numerical models and their interfaces with other such models. Below is the abstract… Read more ›

New Paper: Using a Model MAP to prepare hydro-meteorological models for generic use

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Model Integration and OpenMI


Recently our own Quillon Harpham presented a talk at the Institute of Civil Engineers concerning model coupling and Open MI. An associated article has been placed on the Channel Coast Observatory website (available at the link below). Read more ›

We are looking for a GIS analyst


The data and software development team within the Hydrodynamics and Metocean group is looking to recruit a GIS analyst to provide support to projects and the SeaZone data service.  Read more ›

Was it just a DRIHM?


SeaZone are at the forefront of research into extreme hydrometeorological events, and our own Quillon Harpham, together with co-authors from XP Solutions, CIMA Research Foundation, Deltares and CNR-IMATI, has just published a paper in the Journal of the American Water Resources Association about the DRIHMresearch infrastructure for aiding researchers in predicting and managing flood events. The paper is available online or will be in print soon, however here is a sneak peek at the abstract... Read more ›

Inspiring harmony across European environmental data


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HydroView Now: the world’s ocean on demand


SeaZone Solutions launches ‘HydroView Now’ a free to use ocean basemap delivered via a Web Map Tile Service (WMTS). Read more ›

Around the world in 8.0 degrees! Seazone Hydrospatial Global


Just like Phileas Fogg, SeaZone likes a challenge. And when the challenge was to have a global marine dataset, we delivered! Now every user of data in the marine environment can be around the world in 8.0 degrees.

low cost background marine data coverage
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SeaZone HydroView – Cost effective, full global coverage, marine mapping


Seazone Solutions, developer of the world’s leading Marine Vector Map product: HydroSpatial, launches SeaZone HydroView Charts, the first product in our new HydroView product range.

cost effective marine mapping
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SeaZone in South America


SeaZone Solutions brings another first for its customers. SeaZone data is now available for South America. SeaZone Solutions has expanded its data coverage to over 40 per cent of the world’s ocean and continues to expand into new geographic areas. 

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