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Who we are

SeaZone provides detailed marine map data and intelligent, high-quality geographic information for the marine environment and coastal zone. Our data is designed for easy access and use in desktop and web geographic information systems (GIS). Our products are built by processes certified to international quality and environmental standards.

SeaZone products

Our products:

  • are compliant with industry best practice and standards for geographic information. Our data is supplied in a variety of vector and raster formats.
  • are essential to effective evidence-based decision-making in the marine environment and coastal zone.
  • bring together the best available and authoritatively sourced information from hydrographic offices and other data agencies, to re-engineer and re-map to form near-seamless mapping layers for easy and immediate use in GIS.

Our key markets

Our products can help protect and conserve the marine environment and help economic development by supporting the management of human and economic activities. Our data can also be used in the evaluation and management of areas at risk from natural and human activities.

Customers involved in the following industries and activities benefit from our products:

  • fisheries and aquaculture
  • minerals and aggregates
  • marine planning and licensing
  • offshore and renewable energy
  • ports and harbours
  • defence and security
  • emergency services
  • marine leisure.

We are dedicated to on-going technical development and improving our global coverage.

Help and support

SeaZone’s support team provides guidance and insight at every stage of your project. Our team can advise you on ways to reduce risk and cost, and improve the decision-making process and efficiency.

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