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SeaSpace: meaningful delivery of complex earth observation data

Bridging information gaps to promote the development of offshore renewable energy sources

SeaSpace is helping to create new service feeds of earth observation data to the private sector investing in the development and operation of offshore engineering projects, in particular marine renewables. SeaSpace unlocks the information content from large data sets and makes them available as readily usable data streams. This advances the uptake of data across existing and completed satellite missions and feeds back to the space community gaps in observing capability so they can plan new missions.

Data sources

The source data has so far been extracted from My Ocean and GlobWave, and is supplemented by tidal, current and kinetic power energy outputs from the Continental Shelf Model of Northern European waters. This is a model developed by HR Wallingford and commissioned by The Energy Technologies Institute to assess the tidal energy potential around the UK.

Developing a marine information hub

SeaSpace is a UK Space Agency funded project with an over-arching aim to help develop a ‘marine information hub’. This marine information hub, based at the International Space Innovation Centre ISIC (Harwell Oxford, UK), will become a focus for the exploitation of earth observation (EO) data of the marine environment; primarily by the offshore renewable sector, but also available to other UK marine sectors.

The aim is a public-private partnership for sustained supply and evolution of earth observation data services to the offshore industry. Establishment of a marine data service hub at ISIC would provide a credible demand-driven uptake of EO data, fuelling requirements for the next generation of missions and pushing the UK forward as an international player in this arena. The project explicitly bridges the gaps between publicly funded services for processing earth observation data (e.g. GMES / ESA DUE) and the consumption of this data at the industrial community level; establishing a persistent relationship between these communities.

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