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HydroSpatial Base

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HydroSpatial Base

HydroSpatial Base is a vector mapping product which contains large-scale, authoritatively sourced marine geographic information.

Its data model represents over 400 marine feature types, yet is structured to deliver intuitive feature filtering, geoprocessing and spatial analysis. HydroSpatial Base provides decision-makers with not only an exceptional user experience in desktop and web GIS, but also accurate information for effective decision making.

Click here to download HydroSpatial Base coverage as KMZ for GoogleEarth.

HydroSpatial Base is available through our sales team. Sample data is also available free of charge for an area around Milford Haven, South Wales, United Kingdom.

Technical specifications

  • Spatial coverage


  • Scale

    Scale ranges from 1:8000 to 1:20,000,000

  • Supply formats

    ESRI (.shp)
    ESRI Personal Geodatabase (.pdg)
    ESRI File Geodatabase (.gdb)
    MapInfo (.tab)

    Non-standard formats available on request

  • Supply extents

    Tiles of 1/2 degree x 1/2 degree

  • Coordinate Reference System

    Geodetic WGS84 (urn:ogc:def:crs:EPSG::4326)
    Chart Datum (CD) – representing either Lowest Astronomical Tide (LAT); or Mean Sea Level (MSL).

  • Input/source data

    Charted Content: IHO Special Publication No. 57 (S-57)

  • Update frequency