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TruDepth Grids

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TruDepth Grids

TruDepth Grids offers a high-resolution digital terrain model of the sub-sea surface, iteratively synthesised using high resolution multi- and single-beam bathymetry surveys and charted bathymetry.

Used for marine spatial planning, site selection activities, habitat map creation, volumetric calculations, nutrient loading models, capacity planning and graduated bathymetric background mapping. Coverage includes the eastern Atlantic, Irish Sea, North Sea, and English Channel.

Click here to download TruDepth Grids coverage as KMZ for GoogleEarth.

TruDepth Grids product is available through our sales team. Sample data is also available free of charge for an area around Milford Haven, South Wales, United Kingdom.

Technical specifications

  • Spatial coverage

    Eastern Atlantic, Irish Sea, North Sea and English Channel

  • Scale

    1-arc second (approx. 30m)

  • Supply formats

    Grid: ESRI ASCII
    ESRI Binary

  • Supply extents

    Tiles of 1/2 degree x 1/2 degree

  • Coordinate Reference System

    Geodetic WGS84 (urn:ogc:def:crs:EPSG::4326)
    Lowest Astronomical Tide (LAT), or on request, Mean Sea Level (MSL)

  • Input/source data

    Single-surface digital survey bathymetry

    Charted depth soundings; contours; dredged areas: IHO Special Publication No. 57 (S-57)

  • Update frequency