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TruDepth Points

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TruDepth Points

TruDepth Points gives detailed and accurate information on sea bed depth, for bathymetric modelling.

Coverage includes the Eastern Atlantic, Irish Sea, North Sea, and English Channel. Data are collected digitally or captured from paper survey sheets.

TruDepth Points product is available through our sales team. Sample data is also available free of charge for an area around Milford Haven, South Wales, United Kingdom.

Technical specifications

  • Spatial coverage

    Eastern Atlantic, Irish Sea, North Sea, and English Channel

  • Scale

    Chart/Survey Specific: subject to the capture resolution of single beam surveys and sub-selection of multi-beam surveys

  • Supply format

    Point ASCII XYZ (.xyz)

  • Coordinate Reference System

    Geodetic WGS84 (urn:ogc:def:crs:EPSG::4326)
    Vertical Datum supplied on each dataset: Typically Lowest Astronomical Tide (LAT); or Mean Sea Level (MSL)

  • Input/source data

    Digital survey bathymetry

  • Update frequency

    Ad-hoc updates subject to new data