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Our marine mapping products are available in a range of scales and formats.
As standard each product comes in a certain format and coordinate reference system. The standard Coordinate reference system is WGS84 (horizontal) and where applicable Chart Datum (vertical). Other coordinate reference systems may be available upon request, at a transformation fee. All vector products (HydroSpatial One, Base and Global) are licenced in shapefile (.shp) format, unless requested otherwise, along with a pre-generated and symbolised workspace (.mxd).

Click on the products below to find the ones that best suit your requirements.

  • Charted Points Charted Points
    Charted Points Depth information extracted from electronic navigation charts, with worldwide coverage.
  • Charted Points
  • HydroSpatial Base HydroSpatial Base
    HydroSpatial Base Definitive international marine reference map – high-resolution and content-rich.
  • HydroSpatial Base
  • HydroSpatial Global HydroSpatial Global
    HydroSpatial Global Worldwide marine mapping at low cost.
  • HydroSpatial Global
  • HydroSpatial One HydroSpatial One
    HydroSpatial One The original ‘off-the-shelf’ authoritative digital marine mapping system. Coverage: Northern Europe.
  • HydroSpatial One
  • HydroView Charts HydroView Charts
    HydroView Charts Nautical charts available in raster GeoTIFF format.
  • HydroView Charts
  • HydroView Now: Basemap HydroView Now: Basemap
    HydroView Now: Basemap Bathymetry feature types designed to be visualised alongside land-mapping APIs. Global coverage.
  • HydroView Now: Basemap
  • TruDepth Grids TruDepth Grids
    TruDepth Grids High-resolution digital terrain model of the sub-sea surface.
    Coverage: Northern Europe.
  • TruDepth Grids
  • TruDepth Points TruDepth Points
    TruDepth Points Detailed and accurate information on sea bed depth, for bathymetric modelling. Coverage: Northern Europe.
  • TruDepth Points
  • Wrecks Wrecks
    Wrecks Marine reference thematic vector product featuring known wreck sites worldwide.
  • Wrecks