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Middle East

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About our products in Middle East

Our marine data sets cover the Mediterranean shores of the Middle East as well as the seas and gulfs bordering the Arabian peninsula.

Our mapping products are available for all areas within the Middle East, whether you are looking for vector data, web-based marine datashipwreck positions or raster marine charts.

We have marine data sets in the Mediterranean Sea along the coast of Syria, Lebanon, Jordan and Egypt. We can supply marine data for all seas and gulfs surrounding the Arabian peninsula:

  • the Red Sea along the coasts of Egypt, Sudan, Eritrea and Ethiopia on the west and Saudi Arabia and Yemen on the East 
  • the Arabian Gulf off the coasts of Iran, Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, United Arab Emirates
  • the Gulf of Oman
  • the Arabian sea 
  • the Gulf of Aden bordering the coast of Yemen and north Somalia.

Our vector product HydroSpatial Base and bathymetry product TruDepth Charted Points offer detailed marine data for the Red Sea, the Persian Gulf and the Arabian Sea.