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Northern Europe

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About our products in Northern Europe

We have marine data in geographic areas as far north as the Barents Sea through to the northern parts of the Atlantic Ocean reaching down to the southern parts of the North Sea and south coast of the United Kingdom.

Our mapping products are available for all northern European waters, whether you are looking for vector dataweb-based marine datashipwreck positions or raster marine charts.

We have marine data sets around the Barents Sea, the Faroe Islands and off the coast of Iceland and Ireland in the North Atlantic Ocean. Further south, we can supply marine data for all major European seas:

  • the Baltic Sea along the coasts of Estonia, Finland, Latvia, Lithuania and Sweden
  • the Irish Sea between Ireland and the west coast of England
  • the North Sea stretching between the east coast of the United Kingdom and the coasts of Denmark, The Netherlands, Belgium 
  • The English Channel between the south coast of the United Kingdom and Northern France.

If you are looking for marine data around the United Kingdom, our most appropriate products are our vector data product HydroSpatial One  and two of our bathymetry products TruDepth Grids , and TruDepth Points.

If you are looking for a mapping basemap of northern European waters to use alongside land-focused mapping APIs such as Google Maps, Bing Maps or OpenStreetMap, please visit our HydroView Now: Basemap page.