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Southern Europe

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About our products in Southern Europe

Our marine geographic datasets cover all areas of the Mediterranean Sea, from the waters of France, Gibraltar, Morocco and Tunisia through to the shores of Syria, Iran, Jordan and Egypt.

Our mapping products are available for the whole of the Mediterranean Sea, whether you are looking for vector data, raster marine charts, web-based marine data or shipwreck positions.

In the western parts of the Mediterranean, we have marine data for the waters of France, Gibraltar, North of Morocco and Tunisia. If your interest is more focused on Central and Eastern Mediterranean, we can offer data for the coasts of Libya, Egypt, Malta and Cyprus. Check also our Middle East regional page.

Our best products for the Mediterranean sea are our vector-based product HydroSpatial Base and our TruDepth Charted Points bathymetry product.

If you are looking for a mapping backdrop of the Mediterranean sea to use alongside land-focussed mapping APIs such as Google Maps, Bing Maps or OpenStreetMap, please check the HydroView Now: Basemap web service.